thrilling gaming moments
"bringing world class entertainment to your hood"

Our cause is all about bringing world class entertainment(gaming, movies, etc) close to you, in your neighbourhood and at an affordable price

Gaming Cafes
Gaming Cafe

Pioneering the cause of our business is gaming, we intend to bring a world class gaming cafe in almost every neighbourhood in Zimbabwe.

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Gaming Store (m6store)

Complementing the gaming cafes is a store where all gaming equipment for all the different types of gaming consoles can be found.

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m6 Internet Cafe
m6 Internet Cafe

We also intend to have cheap and fast internet hotspots almost every neighbourhood again.

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m6 Pool Club
m6 Pool Club

To all the pool/snooker lovers, but dont really find it cool to be in a beerhall to play pool/snooker, m6 comes in to save you by placing snooker at a convenient place near your neighbourhood.

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m6 Darts Club
m6 Darts Club

Darts in your hood again! That's m6media for you(bring world class entertainment into your neighbourhood)

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